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Ralph was instrumental in getting the Viscount out of the United boneyard in Tracy,., getting it restored to the Capital livery, and displaying it at Mid Atlantic Airport.
I will let my neighbor Gene know.Again, thanks for a very enjoyable site!Temple "dick" From: Subject: Former Pilot for Capital Date: Tue, i, My name is John Gary and I have eharmony promo code uk 2015 a friend who was a Capital Pilot years ago.His name is Dale Miller from Dothan, Ala., he is about 80 now, he was flying out.IF YOU haven'T been TO MY cheapest baseball equipment other pages check these OUT!Please let me know what they could national lottery raffle millionaire do to get an email.He drove up from CMH for one of our lunches a few months ago.

Your website has been a delight, and I go to it often, just to see what else is on there.
Says nobody should live that long, and I think she is probably right.
Yes, feel free to use my email on your site.
You want to know more or want to contact him for any reason his address and phone number follow.
He was standing by for a return to ORD so I did not have much time to talk to him.A few tid bits etc.Enough of my ramblings for this session.Interestingly, back at Buffalo, I remember the planes that arrived with the new logo and thinking they were something owned.B.S.Go to - pictures Go to - letters AND E-mail Click on E mail to send mail There's an old line that - if your interests are one in a million, there are seven other people here who share them.Other airlines may have stored aircraft there as well, don't remember that?13, 2006 George Paull - July 1940 to Aug 1984 PCA Capital United April 17, 2007 Ladies and Gentlemen, I regret to inform you of the death.