cancel my groupon voucher

Groupon said: restaurant gift certificate template Neither partner nor customer made Groupon aware that there was an issue.
Here are four ways to use your expired deal:.
I purchased a Groupon for the discount tablets for teachers murder mystery dinner in Zionsville but deleted the info.
I received an email on Friday saying that they are going to refund most of my money.
After escalating I was informed that I would get an email update by 6pm- still nothing.I then changed amazon baby registry completion discount exclusions my mind because when I called them to actually book my appointments, I was told that you need at least 12 sessions to show any difference and they then tried to sell me 9 more.'I'm having a terrible time getting a refund'.F.W, groupon said: It was not made aware of any issues with this partner.

Everything is in there.
On the 28 March the customer stated he wanted a refund and the advisor requested a voucher refund.
C.H, groupon said: It was aware of the problem and was working with Grape Gifts.
I just wanted to thank you so very much for helping out with my problem and helping me get my money back. .
She procrastinated to the point where she had just a few days to either use her deal or lose the promotional value.We couldnt get time off during the week so ended up not going at all and wasting the money.'I can't get a refund for my lipo voucher' I wanted to tell you about my experience with getting my money back with Groupon.H.L said: I wanted to say thank you so much for following up with GroupOn regarding my situation.The majority of them have been absolutely fine, apart from one.What would I do?B.M, groupon said: A bulk email was sent to customers explaining that weekend were no longer available and they were asked to contact Groupon if they wanted a refund.The customer service advisor responded on the same day to notify the customer that Groupon would speak to the partner.