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He founded LeaseCosts in 2016 with the mcdonalds free latte coupon purpose of simplifying and helping people to better understand the complex market of new vehicles in Québec and Canada.
While our website evolves and offers more and more options every day for the Canadian customer, we always point out the tools you can use to explore the actual market status: Explore 1,000 New Car Deals in Canada.
More Luxury Deals: Compact Cars/Sedans for July 2017 More Luxury Deals: SUVs for July 2017 Explore 1,000 New Car Deals in Canada Best Truck/Pickup Deals in Canada Among all available trucks, there is a crazy ideal deal for this month: the Chevy Colorado Crew Cab.
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As I use to do every month, there is an offer I flag as the "most appealing" one, due to the balance between price, popularity, versatility of the vehicle and recent trends.
This month, the Automatic AWD Crosstrek can be leased for 425CAD/month tax.
The model has been so popular that Nissan / Infiniti was not expecting the vehicles were leaving the parking lots so fast.
Co si vzít.Stop by if you notice: Tire tread depth of less than 3/32" or tire treads that don't reach the top.Be aware of your surroundings.Although not a tall vehicle, it is separated enough from the ground to behave smoothly when rolling over the snow.For the 36 months contract, the price dropped from 403 to 377, making a 936CAD price drop.