belching contest 2013

And this is my cuz burping.
Title : Tuesday Belching and chatting Summary : m/NikkiBoyer m/itsnikkiboyer.
Title : Myka makes funnies, summary : Some spontaneous burping, gay dog wrestling, and epic squeaking.March 24, 2014.Title : Best Burps From Vine #4 November 2013.Check out some of his vids.Title : Crazy burping two, summary : This is for flimflam707.We will initiate a series of "burp-talking" exhibitions in 2013 for a possible "burp-talking" competition in 2014.Summary : becomember OF THE lynx division today!

Title : Burp contest, summary : via Capture.
Summary : Loud Burping Belching without drinking cola dont need it (sound volume 100 ) for best results :D on this extreme discount restaurant supply phoenix burping video Wish i had a decibel meter to see if i got close to a burping.
Vice President Recording Secretary, maureen Dahl, director of Events/Operations.Join us as we try to be the change we want to see in the world.Summary : m/NikkiBoyer m/itsnikkiboyer.Title : longest burp lol, summary : so long kar kar.In 2012 the burping contests will focus on duration, while in 2013 we will hold decibel-based contests. .Summary : Yesterday Vlogs /5gyud7ZIqnk The Day Before Vlog, /XkNfvJqBAPg Words of Encouragement /cktbj9dLj3s Have you signed.Summary : a random vlog w/ blog.Title : belch powers?Hope is not a plan. .