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Differences in testing standards edit Identical vehicles can have varying fuel consumption figures listed depending upon the testing methods of the jurisdiction.
For example, the 2011 Honda CR-Z with a what is the meaning of spelling contest six-speed manual transmission is rated.1/4.4 L/100 km in Europe 42 and.6/6.4 L/100 km (31/37 mpg ) in the United States.
The stickers must also appear on vehicles to be enterprise monthly rental coupon code leased for more than 4 months.
Older hydraulic power steering systems are powered by a hydraulic pump constantly engaged to the engine.
Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport Green Vehicle Guide.Conventional Areas.726.828.765.664.750.62 63 For the fuel economy label of the Nissan Leaf electric car EPA rated the combined fuel economy in terms of miles per gallon gasoline equivalent, with a separate rating for city and highway driving.Reformulated Areas.856.017.929.796.979.Lasting.9 minutes, the.6-mile (5.8 km) loop averages 22 mph (35 km/h) and maximizes at cheap spaying for cats toronto a rate.8 mph (88.2 km/h).Period: WeeklyMonthlyAnnual, show Data By:, view, history, gasoline - All Grades.576.680.575.437.520., all Grades - Conventional Areas.528.610.511.376.423., all Grades - Reformulated Areas.675.822.707.559.718.However, California has a special dispensation from the Clean Air Act to make emissions standards (which other states may adopt instead of the federal standards).Power assistance required for steering is inversely proportional to the vehicle speed so the constant load on the engine from a hydraulic pump reduces fuel efficiency.Published fuel economy is subject to variation between jurisdiction due to variations in testing protocols.Retrieved Vehicle Fuel Economy Labelling FAQs Archived t the Wayback Machine.Gallon: 282 L / 100 k m 1 m p g I.A b c Comparison of Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy and GHG Emission Standards Around the World at Pew Center on Global Climate Change.

A greenhouse rating of 10 requires 60 or less grams of CO2 per km, while a rating of zero is more than 440 g/km CO2.
Tyler Miller,.; Scott.
The label also includes a table showing fuel economy and electricity consumed for five different scenarios: 30 miles (48 km 45 miles (72 km 60 miles (97 km) and 75 miles (121 km) driven between a full charge, and a never charge scenario.
The highest greenhouse rating of any 2009 car listed is the Toyota Prius, with 106 g/km CO2 and.4 L/100 km (64 mpgimp; 53 mpgUS).The tax is graduated to apply a higher tax rate for less-fuel-efficient vehicles.A b "Dynamometer Driver's Aid".Driving conditions weather, traffic, temperature; driving style hard braking, jack rabbit starts, and speeding; road conditions paved vs gravel, smooth vs potholes; and things like carrying excess weight, roof racks, and fuel quality can all combine to dramatically increase fuel consumption.Fuel consumption ratings are derived from the emissions generated during the driving cycles.