another word for tied contest

Interval entertainment has included such acts as the firefly coupon code car rental Wombles ( 1974 ) 22 and the first international presentation of Riverdance ( 1994 ).
21 As of 2017, the only time since 1969 when two or more countries have tied for first place on total points alone was in 1991, when France and Sweden both totalled 146 points.
Unite, link, knit, yoke, lock.
(of a public house, retail shop, etc) obliged to sell only the beer, products, etc, of a particular producer: a tied house, tied outlet.According to Ariel Roth, during the reign of Henry IV, over 4,000 French aristocrats were killed in duels "in an eighteen-year period" while a twenty-year period of Louis xiii 's reign saw some eight thousand pardons for "murders associated with duels".These include dental equipment and maintenance, dental supplies, food, water, and t-shirts for volunteers, as well as food and water for patients waiting in line, and numerous other miscellaneous expenses.London: Carlton, 2007 isbn, 208p.Virchow, being entitled to choose the weapons, chose two pork sausages, one infected with the roundworm Trichinella ; the two would each choose and eat a sausage.125 On the other hand, others argue that certain countries allocate disproportionately high points to others because of similar musical tastes and cultures and because they speak similar languages, 126 127 and are therefore more likely to appreciate each other's music.In our 2017 mission in, erie, we had 736 underserved patient visits and donated 600,798 worth of dental care!91 Duels in Manipur were first recorded in the Chainarol-Puya which details the ethics of dueling.The Manusmti tells that if a warrior's topknot comes loose during a duel, the opponent must give him time to bind his hair before continuing.73 Uruguay decriminalized dueling in 1920, 72 and in that year José Batlle y tractor supply coupon code 2016 Ordóñez, a former President of Uruguay, killed Washington Beltran, editor of the newspaper El País, in a formal duel fought with pistols.Trelane accepts, but then delopes, frivolously granting Kirk a free shot.3 Archived May 25, 2010, at the Wayback Machine.

If neither man was hit and if the challenger stated that he was satisfied, the duel would be declared over.
44 Each participating broadcaster nominates a Head of Delegation, whose job it is to co-ordinate the movements of the delegate members, and who acts as that country's representative to the EBU in the host city.
He tells Philip to aim his weapon at the sky (this is known as deloping and says if Eacker s a man of honour, hell do the same.Dueling quickly became so popular and the number of casualties among the commanding ranks so high that, in 1715, Emperor Peter the First was forced baby shower raffle ticket ideas to forbid the practice on pain of having both duellists hanged.96 In the Visayas, there is a tradition of dueling where the offended party would first hagit or challenge the offender.To fasten by tightening and knotting the string or strings of: to tie one's shoes.Archived from the original on Retrieved "Finland wins Eurovision contest"."Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache : Kluge, Friedrich, : Free Download Streaming : Internet Archive".In the wake of the cloud's appearance, local climate cooled for more than a decade.However, it was occasionally still used to settle arguments "of honour".There are two rehearsal periods for each country.