animal jam account giveaway 2015

These are a tad different; they have the diamond sign next to them, theyre shaped a bit different than a rare spike, and the colors are very pastel and not so vibrant.
August giveaway closed, thanks everyone who entered!
There are 8 pastel colors, black, white, purple, light blue, aqua, green, orange, and pink.
Alrighty guys, Im off to get some of my own spikes too!Step 3: Click Submit Query and your entry will be submitted to the giveaway.On December 16, 2015 /.I have been looking for a membership for awhile now!Get ready for another Animal Jam membership giveaway, just in time for summer! Youll be able to see the giveaway entry form after you share this page with your friends using the sharing links.Summer is the best time to have membership since theres so much more time to play Animal Jam!Its easy to enter the Animal Jam membership giveaway. Even though summer is coming to an end soon, having a membership is a great way to start off the new school year!

Willing to trade for a membership what i will trade for membership: -Black top hat, please IF YOU want TO trade foembership email.
The 3 month membership comes with a bonus package of 10 diamonds and 6000 gems so youll have plenty to spend right away!
Having an Animal Jam membership is a lot of fun so thats ifly promo code 2015 why I want to give everyone a chance to win one.
Sadly, this sale will only continue until Sunday. The sharing links are at the bottom of the screen. If I dont hear back from you within that time, Ill have to pick another winner.After that, it will be much harder to get one.Step 2: Enter your name and email address in the entry form below. Thanks everyone who entered!The winner of the June giveaway will be selected at the end of the month and will be announced in the first week of July. Heres your chance to finally become a member and buy any animal you want!Im so sorry I couldnt get this post to you guys earlier.