aa voucher redemption address

What was your experience like?
Have you ever redeemed an American Airlines travel voucher?
The safest method is to do it at an airport ticketing desk.
Ive put up with my share of hassles in this hobby, but nothing tops redeeming an American Airlines travel voucher.Our intention was never to launch a website, our intention was to build a global brand for frequent flyers.In an era where I can cash a check by snapping a photo of it and find casual sex partners with the swipe of a finger, why do I need to mail a paper voucher to some.O.You never know when you might need.

Feel free to use the comments to tell me how dumb.
It took an excruciatingly long time I had already put the tickets on hold and brought the passports just in case there was a problem.
I called and was told that they had no record of any booking, or of my voucher being sent to them.You can book tickets for other people using a travel voucher, as result cash sweep sarawak long as you (the voucher recipient) are the one presenting.Five months later, I was heading.The voucher I received wasnt redeemable online and when I called American Airlines to inquire about redemptions, I was told I had to do it at an airport AAdvantage desk since I was booking the flight two days before departure.The gate agent made several announcements before I decided to accept a 500 travel voucher for a later flight.Hes a smart guy, and pretty savvy when it comes to travel, so its a bit surprising hes having this much trouble. .