2012 tax refund deadline

Maybe you planned to file your 2012 taxes when they were due, but ended up putting it off until a later date.
Penalties and Interest, if you were due a refund for grubhub promo code boston 2012 you wont have to pay any penalties or interest at all.
Taxpayer Bill of Rights.
What are the Steps to File My 2012 Taxes?
Each and every taxpayer has a set of fundamental rights they should be aware of when dealing with the IRS.I told the taxpayers I didnt think the argument would be successful, but it was worth a shot.These charges grow bigger every day so file your return as soon as possible.Image courtesy of m, deadlines are always important in the tax world, but sometimes the definitions of what a deadline is varies from one situation to the next.

This blog post, along with comments that may follow, should not be considered tax advice.
(I also flowered up that sentence by pointing out that Im a federally licensed enrolled agent.) Even if it took 4 days for the envelope to arrive, that would be April 17th, 2015 the actual deadline f0r 2011 amendments.
The law requires that you properly address, mail and postmark your tax return by that date to claim your refund.
For 2012 returns, the window closes on April 18, 2016 (or April 19 for taxpayers in Maine and Massachusetts).Take another deep breath and realize your late taxes are filed!(The deadline to e-file 2012 taxes has passed, explaining why youll have to use snail mail.).Treasury will apply the refund to any federal or state tax you owe.PriorTax can help you file a late 2012 tax return.This, unfortunately, doesnt give you a free pass.Just to name a few: applying for a mortgage loan proof of income for a car loan proof of income for financial aid.